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If you smile, that should set the tone

I've been pretty busy lately with the editing process. Its really gratifying when I finish a new part and the word count gets higher. I thought that editing this book would take at least a year because it would be such a hot mess. Its actually quite the opposite. I'm so invested in my characters that I enjoy the time I spend rearranging their lives. I think they're happier with the maturity they've all gained as well through this massive editing session. I'm not the only one who has grown during this time.

One of my friends told me that characters are technically real because they are ever changing. A story can always be added to. I agree with that, 100%. My characters feel like my children sometimes. I just want them all to lead good lives. Even the antagonists who seem to destroy everything. What's good for one character is completely different from the next one.

Before I leave, I have a quote which my bestie told me to post so I can always remember it:

"I'm finding that publishing my first book is kind of like having sex for the first time. I want it to be with someone good who isn't going to walk away with something precious the next day, leaving me in the lurch."


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