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Some conversation, no contemplation...hit the road

This is what my weekend looked like. I even took some time off to watch a terrible movie also known as Green Lantern with my husband. We're both big buffs of super hero movies but that one will probably never join the ranks of our superhero collection. Not even the fact that Ryan Reynolds was in it could save the story line. Since when did super heroes admit to their nemesis that they were scared? It was just all so bad and quite a few times, I just wanted to turn it off and write again.

I'm planning on taking some time off this week to read and relax. At least two days off, like a normal job. I've just been going non stop on this editing project that I keep forgetting to take time out for myself. Another reason is because I'm out of correction tape. I can't stand crossing out my mistakes and writing over them. It just looks messy. I am currently itching to take a whole roll of correction tape over my last two edits. Its driving me mad. The only other thing that drives me this crazy is no internet...that's saying a lot since no internet means a nuclear meltdown. Must. Stay. Calm. Send correction tape soon!!


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